It’s Official

April 24, 2013—Whoo! The Journey is registered in Colorado.
Just a few hoops to jump through.Winnebago Journey

In early March, we bought the Journey in Phoenix, AZ. It had a New York title that listed a lien holder so we needed a notarized letter releasing the lien—which the owners had, yea! In New York the previous owner keeps the license plates so we needed Arizona to issue temporary license plates to drive back to Colorado and we had to get to Colorado in 60 days. No sweat, right?

To work this all out, it took

  • A call to the Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) in Arizona to see if we could get temporary tags.
  • Another call to AZ MVD because two different people verifying the same question always seems to be a good idea.
  • A call to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) in Colorado to make sure we’d have all the paperwork needed to issue a title.
  • Another call to CO DMV to verify we really had 60 days to get back home—who wants to drive a rig over Red Mountain Pass, the #2 most dangerous pass in CO in early March? Not us.
  • A call to our insurance company, Foremost*, to obtain insurance which is required by Colorado to register a vehicle.
  • A bit of paperwork: bill of sale and NY title signed over to us plus the addition of the notorized lien release.
  • A trip and 30 minute wait at the MVD in Scottsdale AZ to get temporary tags—where we were told we couldn’t get temporary tags…
    What? We verified with two people!
  • A consult with an MVD manager and in fact, for $15, 90-day temporary tags are issued to non-residents in AZ! (c:
  • A month-and-a-half waiting in Las Cruces, New Mexico for it to stop snowing on Red Mountain Pass in CO (the most direct route to our home base is over this pass).
  • A long detour around Red Mountain Pass because the weather forecast was wrong the day we left for home—it snowed on the pass and conditions were icy!
  • A call to DMV in Montrose to figure out who did our VIN inpsection: the City or the County.
  • A trip to the Montrose City Police Department to prepay for a VIN inspection ($15).
  • A visit from a Montrose Police officer to do the VIN inspection. Note: This is a surefire way to peel everyone in the RV park away from their TVs and out walking their dog. (c;
  • Lastly, a trip to the DMV in CO to pay taxes and license fee, get a title, and our very lovely CO plates!

Glad to have that done. Was it worth it? You bet. Now it’s back to figuring out where and what we’ll be doing this summer.

* We’ve since dropped Foremost in favor of Geico. We have a couple rock chips in our windshield that we thought we might get repaired and while the Foremost website says that this might be covered by policy—no one we spoke to at Foremost could tell us if our policy actually covered this without submitting a claim and sending out an adjuster to look at rock chips!

6 Comments on “It’s Official

  1. And the list goes on and on….we are about half way through ours. I could scream on this vehicle insurance. Getting quotes and can’t understand a single one. Don’t go what direction to take…back to the forums for me! Bet you loving all that new space…happy summer planning!

    • It’s so nice to be able to cross items off the list. Half way through is great!

      We’ve kept our cars insured via Farmers with our agent in Leadville. Farmers doesn’t insure RVs so our agent recommended we contact Foremost (which is somehow associated with Farmers) to insure the Casita. Foremost has fulltimer coverage so we went for it. We never had to make a claim for the Casita. The issue with our Journey policy was bizarre; we even talked to a supervisor and she couldn’t tell us if rock chips were covered under our policy.Our Farmers agent in Leadville is awesome and it’s sad that such poor service from Foremost is going to cost them our business (our Xterra’s covered by the Geico policy).

      If you haven’t found her blog yet, Ramona Creel has great info about fulltiming. Here’s more food for thought about fulltimer RV insurance:

      How soon are you on the road?

  2. Thanks for the links…we are narrowing in what we think we need now. Got a quote from Doughtery in SD where our domicle is so might go that route if the price is right.

  3. We had our own hoops to jump through also in registering our Tiffin earlier this year. We were living in Florida, but still legal residents of Georgia (long story), so had to register the MH in Georgia. And the previous owner had registered it in Montana, but Montana made a mistake on the title (listing it as a 2011 instead of a 2010 which it actually is.) Georgia wouldn’t fix it – said they had to follow what the previous title said. I don’t know if this will cause us any problems down the line but I hope not!

    • I guess the positive is that Georgia let you register it with the wrong year on the title. Hope it doesn’t cause you problems either.

      Looks like we missed crossing paths in Colorado. Maybe we’ll catch you on the way back East. Have a great trip out West!